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A Comprehensive List of all the Metal 3D Printer

2021/2/25More recently, Sciaky has developed its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology. Instead of using metal powder as a source material, it uses metal rods welded via an electron beam. It now has 5 metal 3D printer models, including the EBAM 300 and EBAM 150.

Hermle Combines Metal Powder Application Process

Berthold Hermle AG entered the field of additive manufacturing in 2013. Hermle Maschinenbau , a 100 percent subsidiary with headquarters in Ottobrunn near Munich, is offering the Metal Powder Application process (MPA), which is combined with five-axis machining in one machine.

The Power of Powder: A Glimpse into Additive

With additive manufacturing, any excess metal powder is then collected in excess bins for re-use in the next production cycle, so there is little to no waste. Also, chemical and toxic fumes that are created during traditional manufacturing are practically removed with 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace

Traditionally, manufacturing this type of part requires millions of dollars of investment in custom machines. Now, with 3D printing there is the option to print the combustion chamber, nozzle and neck combined into a single piece. Thanks to this progress, our work

Powder Quality In Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing of complex metal parts by additive manufacturing is becoming more widespread as it offers greater design flexibility and reduced waste compared with traditional manufacturing processes. For powder based processes the quality of the raw metal powder is process critical in terms of the packing behaviour and flow characteristics of the powder.

Innovative machine portfolio and intelligent software

Innovative machine portfolio and intelligent software solutions for powder bed and powder nozzle technology. Unique: Four process chains with ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING and machining from a single source.LASERTEC 3D hybrid / LASERTEC 3D: Success on the market since 2013 with laser deposition welding using the powder nozzle techniqueMulti-material applications and graded

Four Complete Process Chains for Powder Bed, Powder

DMG MORI offers four complete process chains for additive processes using powder bed or powder nozzle technology. For these solutions, DMG MORI combines its LASERTEC 3D models and LASERTEC 30 SLM 2nd generation models with conventional CNC machines for

3D printing

Like all additive manufacturing machines, DOD 3D printers follow a pre-determined path and deposit material in a point-wise fashion to build the cross sectional area of a component. These machines also employ a fly-cutter that skims the build area after each layer to ensure a perfectly flat surface before printing the next layer.

Additive manufacturing enables fast modification of

Now a new additive manufacturing method is taking it to the next level: DMD with a coaxial powder nozzle. In contrast to conventional laser cladding, which usually requires a welder to feed filler wire almost entirely by hand, the new approach is fully automated and highly precise.

manufacturing Optimizing metal powders for additive

WHITEPAPER 3 Optimizing metal powders for additive manufacturing Figure 1: Powder bed AM processes such as PBF call for rapid, even powder spreading and effective recycling of the excess powder A schematic of a typical PBF machine is shown in Figure 1.


Commit to Memory - JessFraz October 14, 2020 Volume 18, issue 4 PDF Commit to Memory Out-of-this-World Additive Manufacturing From thingamabobs to rockets, 3D printing takes many forms. Jessie Frazelle Popular culture uses the term 3D printing as a synonym for additive manufacturing processes.processes.

Multitrade 3D Systems offers metal additive

Multitrade 3D Systems, is an official sales representative in South Africa for GE Additive's metal additive manufacturing machines. The machines create parts using direct metal laser melting technology, which deposits thin layers of metal powder and fuses them together using lasers.

Additive manufacturing enables fast modification of

Now a new additive manufacturing method is taking it to the next level: DMD with a coaxial powder nozzle. In contrast to conventional laser cladding, which usually requires a welder to feed filler wire almost entirely by hand, the new approach is fully automated and highly precise.

Comparison of dimensional accuracy and tolerances of powder bed based and nozzle based additive manufacturing


Cold spray additive manufacturing

Cold spray additive manufacturing is a particular application of the cold spraying process, which are used to produce freestanding parts or to build features on existing components. Cold spraying is a coating deposition method, where fine powder particles are accelerated in a high-velocity gas stream.

Additive Manufacturing Machines

Additive Manufacturing machines which are based on a powder bed system use a reservoir, and a coating mechanism which spreads out the powder onto a plate. Each of the slices laid down are ultrafine, often being just a fraction of a millimetre, although the actual thickness can be adjusted.


2018/10/101. Introduction Metal powder plays a very important role in the additive manufacturing processes. Indeed the quality of metal powder used will have a major influence on mechanical properties but it can also influence: The build-to-build consistency The reproducibility

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly developing technology. It describes a process building up a work piece in layers from a source material on the basis of a 3D model e.g. powder bed fusion (PBF)/ selective laser melting (SLM) of metals or fused deposition modeling (FDM).

Products Solutions for Industrial 3D Printing

With more than 30 years of experience in 3D printing for industrial applications, EOS has perfected the method of powder bed additive manufacturing. We have optimized the interactions between the 3D printer, the material and the process for part production at industrial scale.

US Patent for Additive manufacturing head and

Additive manufacturing head 21 includes: nozzle 78 configured to discharge the material powder; rotary member 76 connected with nozzle 78, including material powder passage 91 as a first material powder passage formed in rotary member 76 to direct the7878

How Additive Manufacturing Enables Fast Modification

The additive manufacturing-capable laser welding system that uses a new powder nozzle from O.R. Laser for fully automatic layer buildup of AISI H11 mold material on structures measuring 300 mm x 20 mm x 20 mm. Layers are applied 250 m thick at a rate of

DMG MORI develops additive manufacturing in both

DMG MORI is advancing this future-oriented technology with the consistent further development of additive manufacturing in both powder nozzle and powder bed techniques. Global full-liner for additive manufacturing Unique: Three process chains in ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING and metal cutting finishing from a single source 20 years experience in laser technology and SLM technology•

Hermle Integrates Additive Manufacturing into 5

Herml is integrating additive manufacturing capability into a 5-axis machining centre in a profound change in complex metal component production. Home About Our Company "Engineering Excellence" is at the heart of everything we do. Meet The Team From our directors to our sales managers and beyond, our team were engineers first.

Powder Application in Additive Manufacturing of

2016/1/29Key metal powder characteristics for additive manufacturing are chemical composition, powder size distribution (PSD), morphology, and physical properties. Additional points are important to consider when selecting metal powders for additive manufacturing processes such as storage and aging of powders; reusability of powder after additive manufacturing cycles; and health, safety, and

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