reduction in percolation threshold of injection molded

Preservation of Physical Properties in Molded Parts Using

percolation threshold in plastics. At the 1-5% loadings of FIBRIL nanotubes typically required to achieve electrical conductivity in plastics, there is a higher preserva-tion of the base resin's physical, mechanical, aesthetic, and processing properties, such as

Foam injection molding of polypropylene/stainless steel

Consequently, the percolation threshold decreased up to four folds from 0.85 to 0.21 vol.% as the void fraction increased from 0 to 35%. The specific EMI SE was also significantly enhanced. A maximum specific EMI SE of 75 dB.gSUP-1/SUPcmSUP3/SUP was achieved in PP-1.1 vol.% SSF composite foams, which was highly superior to 38 dB.gSUP-1/SUPcmSUP3/SUP of the


nanocomposites were injection molded to produce square-shaped samples (100 x 140 x 2.5 mm in sizes). Direct current (DC) electrical characterization was performed in the two main directions, longitudinal to the flux of the material during the mold filling (in

Comparative study of electromagnetic interference

The compression molded samples showed higher electrical conductivity and lower electrical percolation threshold than the injection molded samples. The compression molded samples at MWCNT concentrations of 5.00 and 20.0 wt.% showed real permittivity two times and imaginary permittivity five times greater than the injection molded samples.

On the improved properties of injection

2004/9/10Table 2 also indicates that PET containing 12 vol.% CNT has a conductivity of 0.25 S/cm which is reduced to 0.059 S/cm along the injection flow direction after the CNT-filled PET has injection molded with 50 vol.% PVDF. The reduction in the electrical

Effect of CNT alignment on the strain sensing capability of carbon nanotube composites

Smart Mater. Struct. 22 (2013) 075006 K Parmar et al of the CNTs, such as the aspect ratio [23], alignment [24] and dispersion [25,26]. The percolation threshold of CNT/polymer composites has been thoroughly investigated, and the effects of the CNT concentration

Electrical percolation in graphene–polymer composites

2018/6/1The percolation threshold for the GA/epoxy composites was found to be ~0.25 wt.%, with the highest conductivity of 20 S m −1 obtained at 1.4 wt.% graphene content, which is 4 orders of magnitude higher than that found for 2.0 wt.% GNP [], and nearly 2] or 1].


Injection-molded samples were prepared using a mini-injection-molding machine from DSM research with the injection-molding temperature and mold temperature of, respectively, 310 C and 150 CforPC, V400P and PC/V400P/CNT, and 300 Cand80 Cfor 6 105

Surface resistivity and mechanical properties of rotationally molded polyethylene/graphite composites

Injection molding resulted in surface resistivity values above 1014 Ω/ for all compositions used. The rotomolded composites exhibited poor mechanical properties, in contrast to the injection molded composites. The Halpin-Tsai model showed good fits to the

Properties of Injection Molded High Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites Filled with Exfoliated

Properties of Injection Molded High Density Polyethylene Nanocomposites Filled with Exfoliated Graphene Nanoplatel ets 253 GNP in HDPE by a wax coating method which is suitable for melt-extrusion and injection molding. 2. Experimental 2.1 Materials In this


Injection Molding. Extruded granules were injection molded into specimens for tensile and impact testing and plates for electrical measurements on an Engel ES 200/60 HL ST injection molding machine. The back pressure was maintained at 18 bars, while the


The compounds with mean particle concentration well above the percolation threshold showed no loss at all. The conductivity decreased with the increase of shear rate used in molding. The removal of surface layers by excimer laser led to restoration of the conductivity to the value of well-mixed, compression-molded specimens.

Multiple percolation in a carbon‐filled polymer

Foamed and solid samples were injection molded and then analyzed for cell size, fiber length, fiber orientation, and electrical conductivity. Foamed samples exhibited higher electrical conductivity in the through‐plane direction for materials containing only CB or composites containing both filler types, and reduced electrical conductivity in the cCF‐filled composites.

Fatigue Performance of an Injection

if the frequency was reduced to 1.7 Hz, the threshold stress for thermal failure was 27.8 MPa [23]. EXPERIMENTS The material investigated in this study was an injection-molded short E-glass fiber-reinforced polyamide 6,6 (GF/PA 6,6). This material is the trade

Low percolation threshold of graphene/polymer

The percolation threshold of such composite was determined to be 0.31 vol.%, being much smaller than that of the composites prepared via blending reduced graphene sheets with polymer matrix. This is attributed to the large aspect ratio of the SRG sheets and their uniform dispersion in the polymer matrix.

Percolation behavior in morphology and modulus of

It is found that the tensile modulus just above the percolation threshold obeys a power law as a function of the plastic volume concentration in excess of the percolation threshold. By analyzing the longitudinal tensile modulus of injection‐molded PETG/EPDM specimens just above the threshold, it is shown that the scalar elastic percolation theory of de Gennes is at work here.

The effect of a percolation threshold in the Kozeny

2021/3/17article{osti_556768, title = {The effect of a percolation threshold in the Kozeny-Carman relation}, author = {Mavko, G and Nur, A}, abstractNote = {One of the most important properties of reservoir rocks, and perhaps the most difficult to predict, is permeability.

Lightweight polypropylene/stainless

The percolation threshold was dramatically decreased from 0.85 to 0.21 vol %, accounting for 75% reduction, which is highly superior, compared to 28% reduction of the previous PP-carbon fiber composite foam.1 Unlike the case of carbon fiber,1 SSFs were

Influence of injection molding on the electrical

The compression molded samples have an electrical percolation threshold close to 1.2 wt%. Coupled rheological and electrical measurements show that their electrical properties start decreasing as soon as shear begins and are partially restored during flow, suggesting successively breakage and reconstruction of a percolating network.

Electrical Percolation Effect on Electromechanical Behavior of CNT Nanocomposites

composites produced using injection molding had a percolation threshold of electrical conductivity around 3.8 wt% of CNT. During the electrical resistance measurement, two techniques can be used. The first, called the two-point probe technique, is an electrical


Injection-molded samples were prepared using a mini-injection-molding machine from DSM research with the injection-molding temperature and mold temperature of, respectively, 310 C and 150 CforPC, V400P and PC/V400P/CNT, and 300 Cand80 Cfor 6 105

Article Dielectric Spectroscopy of PP/MWCNT Nanocomposites: Relationship with Crystalline Structure and Injection

injection-molded PP/CNT nanocomposite foams, finding that an increase of the injection flow rate favored the electrical conductivity. The relationship between processing condition and resulting crystalline structure was studied by Von Baeckmann et al. [19],

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