wetting behavior in ultrasonic vibration

Vibration characteristics of aluminum surface subjected to

The vibration characteristics of an aluminum surface subjected to ultrasonic waves were investigated with a combination of numerical simulation and experimental testing. The wetting behavior of solder droplets on the vibrating aluminum surface was also examined. The results show that the vibration pattern of the aluminum surface is inhomogeneous. The amplitude of the aluminum surface exceeds

Wetting and Spreading Behavior of Mg

The spreading and wetting behavior of Mg-Zn-Al solder under the action of flux and ultrasonic vibration was conducted in atmosphere. The ultrasonic vibration time was 1, 2, 3, 4s, respectively. The spreading morphology and microstructure of the solder was investigated by optical microscope.

A review on ice detection technology and ice

Ultrasonic generates shear stress to remove ice accumulated on the blade and low frequency vibration increases sufficient stress in a short time. The combination of the two will cause the ice to fall off. 115 Ultrasonic deicing has been proven by many scholars to

The wetting of Pb droplet on the solid Al surface can be

2020/4/1Fine-scaled Al and Pb density profiles (a) 210 ps without ultrasonic vibration, (b) 126 ps with ultrasonic vibration, (c) 210 ps with ultrasonic vibration. The equilibrium wetting theory is founded on Young's thermodynamic definition of the equilibrium contact angle [11] : (2) γ SV = γ SL + γ LV c o s θ where γ SV, γ SL, and γ LV are the solid–vapour, solid–liquid, and liquid

Li Y. L.1, a*, He L. Z.2, b, Zhao J. T.1, a

Effect of ultrasonic cavitation on the wetting and reaction of Al-Ti/C interface Li Y. L.1, a*, He L. Z.2, b, Zhao J. T.1, a 1School of Materials Science and Engineering, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110004, P. R. China 2Key Lab of Electromagnetic Processing of Materials, Ministry of Education, Northeastern University,

Plastic welding

Plastic welding is welding for semi-finished plastic materials, and is described in ISO 472[1] as a process of uniting softened surfaces of materials, generally with the aid of heat (except solvent welding). Welding of thermoplastics is accomplished in three sequential stages, namely surface preparation, application of heat and pressure, and

Grain Refinement in Aluminum Alloys by Means of

The behavior of the resonator has been investigated by means of a small laboratory model. The variation of the electric-current pulsation by using a frequency generator allowed the detection of the maximum value of the electromagnetic pressure inside the cavity, measured by means of a piezoelectric sensor and corresponding to the resonance frequency.

Rapid bonding enhancement by auxiliary ultrasonic

2014/10/23Under auxiliary ultrasonic vibration, within 10 s, the bond strength developed at the bonding interface could be dramatically improved compared with those achieved without ultrasonic actuation. The enhanced bond strength obtained at a preheating temperature of 20 C lower than its T g could be comparable to the strength for pure thermal compression at 5 C higher than its T g .

Effect of drying-wetting cycles on hydro-mechanical behavior of compacted coal gangue, Environmental Geotechnics, ICE, Accepted, (SCI) IF=1.621 • Lei, H., Chen, R-P., and * Kang, X., (2020). Examination of particle shape on the shear behavior of granules using 3D printed soils, European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, Taylor and Francis, Accepted, (SCI) IF=1.832

An Experimental Study of Molten Microdroplet Surface

Journal of Vibration and Acoustics Conference Proceedings All Conference Proceedings Browse by Series Poulikakos, D., and Zhao, Z., 1999, "Employing Scanning Force Microscopy to Investigate the Dynamic Wetting Behavior of Liquid Microdroplets on

Development of a flux

2005/9/30Solder wetting behavior on pad was studied under continuous and ultrasonic modulated laser with an 8 Pa low vacuum condition. Based on these results, a novel ultrasonic modulated laser flux-less soldering method was put forward and its mechanism was also

(PDF) Ultrasonic spray coating as deposition technique for

219 yielded an excellent combination of both aerosol formation 220 properties and spreading, wetting and drying behavior of 221 the mixture on the substrate. Uniform substrate coverage 222 was obtained by tuning the ultrasonic spray coater param- 223 eters.

A new kind of nanocomposite Xuan paper comprising

A new kind of nanocomposite Xuan paper comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite nanowires and cellulose fibers with a unique ink wetting performance† Yue-Ting Shao ab, Ying-Jie Zhu * ab, Li-Ying Dong * a and Qiang-Qiang Zhang ab a State Key Laboratory of High Performance Ceramics and Superfine Microstructure, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1295 Dingxi Road,


However, the structural rearrangement under ultrasonic vibration and its impact on the mechanical response of metallic glasses remain a puzzle. In this work, the plastic flow of the Zrsub35/subTisub30/subCusub8.25/subBesub26.75/sub metallic glass with the applied ultrasonic-vibration energy of sc140 J/sc was investigated by nanoindentation.

Ultrasonic Metallurgy

New ultrasonic generator technology for 3D uniformly distributed, ultrasonically assisted metal casting, mixing, forming and ultrasonic degassing of molten aluminum- and other non-ferrous melts. New PDF: Various methods for introducing sonication in liquid aluminum and magnesium alloys (PDF, 873kB).

Heating and bonding mechanisms in ultrasonic welding of

An experimental study of the heating and bonding mechanisms in ultrasonic welding is described. Polystyrene specimens were joined under a variety of welding conditions while the temperatures at the interface and within the interior of these specimens were measured. The power input, amplitude of vibrations, and amount of deformation during welding were measured concurrently. In general, the

Al3Ti/ADC12 Composite Synthesized by Ultrasonic

Al 3 Ti/ADC12 composite was synthesized in situ using Al-fluoride potassium titanate (K 2 TiF 6 ) as the reaction system and an ultrasonic assisted direct melt reaction. Results indicate ultrasonic chemistry reactions are both accelerated and more complete compared to traditional in situ reactions. Al 3 Ti reinforced particles with a regular shape and size of 1-2 μm were well distributed and

Depinning and creeplike motion of wetting fronts in weakly vibrated granular

PHYSICAL REVIEW E 85, 036313 (2012) Depinning and creeplike motion of wetting fronts in weakly vibrated granular media Alexander S. Balankin, 1,* E. Garcıa Otamendi, 1D. Samayoa, J. Patino,˜ and M. A. Rodrıguez 2 1Grupo "Mecanica Fractal," Instituto Polit ecnico Nacional, M exico D.F., M exico 07738

Effect of ultrasonic vibration field on tungsten inert gas

2018/10/10The influence of ultrasonic vibration on the weld joint appearance, microstructure and tensile strength are studied. Experimental results show that, applying ultrasonic vibration in the TIG welding process, the average grain size of welding seam decreasesβ-Mg 17

Effect of Silicone Contamination on Assembly Processes

Effect of Silicone Contamination on Assembly Processes John Meyer and Carlyn A. Smith, Ph.D. Harris Corporation Palm Bay, FL Abstract Silicone contamination is known to have a negative impact on assembly processes such as soldering, adhesive bonding,

A Review on Grain Refinement of Aluminum Alloys:

Ultrasonic vibration is usually applied at the bottom or the top of molten metal. A typical schematic view of ultrasonic treatment equipment is depicted in Fig. 2. Eskin had studied the microstructures of pure aluminum before and after ultrasonic vibration treatment

Al3Ti/ADC12 Composite Synthesized by Ultrasonic

2020/1/31Simultaneously, wetting between the particles and matrix was improved because of the cavitation erosion produced by the ultrasonic. Casting porosity decreased due to degassing and slag which aided in the improvement of the comprehensive properties of composite.

Effect of ultrasonic vibration field on tungsten inert gas

2018/10/10The influence of ultrasonic vibration on the weld joint appearance, microstructure and tensile strength are studied. Experimental results show that, applying ultrasonic vibration in the TIG welding process, the average grain size of welding seam decreasesβ-Mg 17

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