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Indirect additive manufacturing based casting of a

2015/1/1Direct selective laser sintering of iron–graphite powder mixture Mater Process Technol, 136 (2003), pp. 179-185 Numerical simulation of filling and solidification of permanent mold castings Appl Thermal Eng, 22 (2002), pp. 229-248 View Record in Scopus C.,


2019/5/31wide and 400 mm long, inclined mild steel plate into a permanent mold with a diameter of 30 mm and a depth of 135 mm.The cooling plate was adjusted at different angles varying from 30 to 60 with respect to the horizontal plane and was cooled by water circulation underneath.

Characterization of Ni–Cr alloys using different casting

2014/2/1Fine finish of the inner mold surface with low friction properties between the interfaces of the mold surfaces and casting metal can also be achieved by graphite permanent molding. Graphite is also advantageous because of its good heat transfer, which minimizes the thickness of oxide formation through a fast cooling rate to bypass the reaction temperature of the alloys.

Chapter 1

Moulds can be produced for one-off castings, but economics make it desirable to reuse moulds in some way, if possible. Permanent moulds can be made of graphite or metals but are expensive. CASTING CHARACTERISTICS A suitable method of melting the alloy must be available; this includes adequate temperature, satisfactory quality and quantity at low cost.

Multiple Use Mold Casting Processes

Permanent Mold Casting Process can be repeated immediately because the mold is still warm from the previous casting Most frequently cast metals Aluminum, magnesium, zinc, lead, copper, and their alloys If steel or iron is to be used, a graphite mold must

Manufacturing Engineering and Technology

2019/4/2711.4 Permanent-mold Casting Processes 11.5 Casting Techniques for Single-crystal Components 11.6 Rapid Solidification 11.7 Inspection of Castings 11.8 Melting Practice and Furnaces 11.9 Foundries and Foundry Automation 12. Metal Casting: Design12.1

(PDF) Fluidity of aluminum alloys and composites: A

Spiral fluidity of binary (a) Al–Cu [3], (b) Al–Si [3] and (c) Al–Mg [3] alloys cast in permanent mold. may be due to (i) the release of the high latent heat of fusion of largely based on alloys with copper concentrations exceeding silicon [4] (estimates vary from 4.5

Regolith as substitute mold material for aluminum casting

2021/1/29Another commonly used method is permeant mold casting which in contrast to sand-casting uses a mold that is able to withstand repeatable castings up to 100.000 times. In this work, it is also attempted to recreate a permanent mold with sintered regolith simulant to investigate the feasibility of

Investigation of the Effect of Inoculant and Casting

2021/1/12Mold/casting factors are heat transfer coefficient, mold temperature and mold conductivity [8, 9]. Inoculation, which is a very effective process in increasing the fluidity and final properties of cast iron, is a way of controlling the microstructure and properties of cast iron by minimizing undercooling and SGCI and increasing the number of nucleation sites available for growth of graphite

Manufacture of large castings in permanent molds (Journal

The permanent mold made of cast iron can be used for more than 500 castings. Reports that the new technological process for casting pulleys in permanent molds has reduced the labor content by four times, eliminated rejections caused by using sand molds, and improved the working conditions.

Thermite Welding: Principle, Working, Equipment's,

2017/4/12In the thermite welding mold is created by either graphite or sand. Graphite molds are permanent mold which is used to make various similar joints. Sand mold are used where the joint design is different every time. For making sand mold, wax pattern is used. This

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2015/4/23Precision investment castings in ferrous and non ferrous alloys, secondary finishing and assembly available 130 9001:2000 certified. Investment castings, V process castings, Castings, Die castings, Sand castings, Permanent mold castings, Shell mold castings, Centrifugal castings, Ceramic mold castings, Graphite mold castings, Plaster mold castings

Casting process modeling using ProCAST and CAST2D

1990/12/1article{osti_6626984, title = {Casting process modeling using ProCAST and CAST2D}, author = {Shapiro, A and Stein, W and Raboin, P}, abstractNote = {Correctly modeling the fluid flow and heat transfer during the filling of a mold with a molten metal, and the thermal-mechanical physics of solidification and cooldown is important in predicting the quality of a cast part.

Effects of Thermalrate Treatment Technique on

2013/3/27In this study, effects of thermalrate treatment (TRT) technique on microstructure and mechanical properties of hypoeutectic Al–Si alloys with addition of Ti were studied. The superheating temperatures of the melt were ascertained based on the DSC result. The results show that when the alloy castings in sand mold were treated with TRT technique at the superheating temperature of 930 C, α

Application of modern aluminum alloys to aircraft

1996/1/1Permanent mold castings up to about 350 kg have been cast, but most permanent mold castings w,figh less than 14 kg. The casting process to be used for a particular application is selected on the basis of the size, weight, dimensional accuracy, quality and cost of the desired casting.

Precision Investment Casting

Avalon Precision Metalsmiths is a full-service, turnkey investment casting company.With two fully-equipped metal casting foundries in Cleveland, Ohio and Markesan, Wis., we offer redundant manufacturing capabilities that enable us to produce top-quality precision

Metallurgical and Mechanical characterization of A319

2017/2/14This paper deals with the effect of mold oscillation (during alloy solidification) on the metallurgical and mechanical properties of A319 alloy casting. For the evaluation of aforesaid effect, oscillatory amplitudes of 5, 10, 15, and 20 m with a constant frequency of 100 Hz were used. Results obtained under oscillatory conditions were compared with those of castings prepared under stationary

(PDF) Numerical simulation of casting solidification in

J.A. Spittle, S.G.R. Brown, Computer simulation of the effects of alloy [49] R.D. Pehlke, A. Jeyarajan, H. Wada, Summary of Thermal Properties variables on the grain structure of castings, Acta Metall. 37 (7) (1989) for Cast Alloys and Mold Materials

Effect of iron content on the formation of β

2009/1/1The castings were produced in zircon-coated steel permanent mold and were solutionized at 500 C for 8 h and followed by artificial aging at 155 C for 5 h, i.e., T6-temper. The microstructure changes in the β-Al 5 FeSi particle morphology were analyzed.


Mold Material ` The mold material is the one out of which the mold is made. ` The mold material should be such that casting should be able to retain its shape till the molten metal has solidified. Types of molds: ` Permanent molds: They are made up of ferrous metals and alloys (Steel, Grey CI,

Casting process modeling using ProCAST and CAST2D

1992/4/1The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of aluminum castings produced in permanent molds. The approach taken was to determine how the vertical type gating systems used for permanent mold castings can be designed to fill the mold cavity with a minimum of damage to the quality of the resulting casting.

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Casting process modeling using ProCAST and CAST2D

1992/4/1The main goal of the project is to improve the quality of aluminum castings produced in permanent molds. The approach taken was to determine how the vertical type gating systems used for permanent mold castings can be designed to fill the mold cavity with a minimum of damage to the quality of the resulting casting.


2019/12/2Hot-tearing resistance was assessed by visual examination and ranking of the cracking severity in a multi-arm permanent mold casting. It was found that at high impurity contents (Fe and Si of 0.2 wt.% each), the Al–Cu–Mn–Zr alloy with 4.95 wt.% Cu exhibited the poorest hot-tearing resistance, irrespective of the grain refining amount.

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