many modern glass fly rods do for you what graphite

What Do You Need for Glass Blowing? (Complete Supply

2021/5/6There are two basic forms of glass blowing: offhand glass blowing, which is typically done in large studios complete with three separate furnaces, and lampworking, which involves smaller equipment but can be equally rewarding and enjoyable. What do you need for

Why Are Fiberglass Fly Rods So Popular?

Whether you choose Blanks fiberglass fly rods or another variety, there are many good quality rods to consider. Remember, a fiberglass rod is made from superior quality materials. They come with the best technology of modern times for angling and are ideal to use for trout fishing.

The Fiberglass Manifesto: T.F.M. Interviews Vic Johnson, Jr.

2010/8/7Finally, I like the somewhat slower action of glass rods in contrast to the very stiff graphite rods. I will admit that casting a fiberglass fly rod is harder for new fishermen than graphite rods, but once you get your timing worked out, this really is not a problem.


2016/11/3"Epic fibreglass fly rods are unique in that they were the first, and still one of the few, production rods in the world to be constructed using a fully unidirectional S-2 Glass fibre material. Even today, most fibreglass fly rods are constructed using older E-Glass material – And of course that old school glass feeling is a very real part of the affection many anglers have for 'glass'.

Big company fiberglass fly rods: What do they really

2018/7/25So, what's a fly fisher to do in pursuit of a glass fly rod? Now it's back to the computer to do research online and make calls – ask the man or woman who owns one. The best idea would be to talk to your local fly shop. Another, wait for a Fly Fishing Show near you in the winter, attend the IFTD Industry Show in July (Denver 2019), plan on traveling to a regional fly fishing show, or go

Trouts Fly Fishing

A glass rod can also be a great tool for learning to fly cast since you can feel the fly rod load and unload typically much easier than when using a graphite fly rod. It's not surprising that casting instructors and guides are using fiberglass fly rods now for clients since they can be a perfect tool for teaching.

The Best Fly Rods of 2021

2020/3/27Choosing the best fly rod is probably the most important task that any angler has when it comes to buying fly fishing gear. When you're in the market for a new fly rod, it can be overwhelming. There are so many different manufacturers, weights, actions and balances that it can become a daunting task searching through the best fly rods to find one that's perfect for you.

Favorite (horrors) graphite rod

2021/3/13The graphite fly rods I like the best for fresh water are a discontinued series from Winston. Other graphite rods I like are often in lengths that are not ideal for bamboo and fiberglass. This morning I fished with the rod shown below. A great distance casting light line

Favorite (horrors) graphite rod

2021/3/13The graphite fly rods I like the best for fresh water are a discontinued series from Winston. Other graphite rods I like are often in lengths that are not ideal for bamboo and fiberglass. This morning I fished with the rod shown below. A great distance casting light line

Eagle Claw Rods

2014/1/15Eagle Claw Rods If you want to get a taste of fiberglass on the cheap - look no further than the Eagle Claw Featherlight. In the late 80's, I bought an Eagle Claw Featherlight 6'6" fly rod. I paid about $15. Nearly 20 years later, the rod still sells for about the same price.

Gear Review : Echo Bad Ass Glass Fly Rod

2017/7/7The new Echo Bad Ass Glass fly rod created loads of excitement within the fly fishing industry. It's understood glass rods offer excellent presentation for dry flies in smaller weights but nobody has really tried to build a solid glass rod in sizes 8 to 12-weight.


2008/1/8Many, many steelhead have been landed on pfluegers. I also have some more modern rods and reels. I enjoy fishing with all of them. My old fiberglass rods are pretty heavy and don't cast as well as the graphite. I do believe that much of the modern stuff is

Epic is Right! Swift Fly Fishing via TFM. Headhunters and

2014/1/15Epic is Right! Swift Fly Fishing via TFM. Headhunters Fly shop tries out the Swift Epic glass fly rod from The Fibergalss Manifesto. Orvis makes a new glass rod series called Superfine Glass that's 'only' $395 and for that price you get an all made-in-USA rod.

A slow graphite blank?

2009/4/26A slow graphite blank? - posted in Graphite Fiberglass Fly Rods: I'd like to build a glass rod - I love the slow action. However, I really don't want to build a honey colored rod nor do I want to spend $150 or more for old technology. Any suggestions for particularly slow graphite blanks? I want to build a 3-4 weight and pay less than $100. Thanks for the input.Ben

Glass Is Good!

2016/2/18fiberglass rods are the best fly rods for a beginning angler to learn the mechanics of the fly cast I just bought my first quality glass rod and am already hooked. So now, of course, I need a glass rod in every size in my arsenal. Do you have a recommendation for

Glass Rods for Salt??

2018/9/19I have been using glass rods in the salt for many years. For me the attraction is the fun factor. I find that when using graphite my facial expression would be of serious determination, while my face would be all smiles while casting glass. It's just a slower, more

Graphite Fishing Rod Care

Users of fly rods must remember that, you will need extra preparation to bring in fish safely if you expect a good fight from your catch while wading waist deep in the waters. Allow a little more line to run from the rod tip, usually longer than the length of the rod itself so you can pull the fish closer to you.

Top 5 Small Stream Fly Rods

2020/7/31Top 5 Small Stream Fly Rods Date: 07/31/2020 It's the time of the year where water temps get hot and fishing excursions should be done on cooler smaller water. Here are the 5 favorite rods for fly fishing small streams in SW Montana from our Bozeman fly shop.

Type of wrap finish for 1950's glass fly rod?

2010/1/15Type of wrap finish for 1950's glass fly rod? - posted in Graphite Fiberglass Fly Rods: Hi, this is my first post in the forum, hello everybody. I am going to be building a fly rod in the next couple of months, but figured I would start off replacing some guides first to get my fee wet. I have two older fiberglass fly rods that need some guides replaced. I notice the finish on the thread

Heddon Glass Fly Rod 8'

2021/1/21I just took it out back, put a 6 wt line on it and threw 80' of line with no problem. Tracks well and is very accurate 30'-60'. This rod has a sweet feel and casts as well or better than many modern graphite rods. This is a nice rod for fishing a small brushy stream that

Fly Rods Ferrules

2018/4/19Fly Rods Ferrules – Things to Know: Nowadays two types of fly rod ferrules dominate the modern marketplace – the "tip-over-butt" ferrule, and the "spigot" ferrule, sometimes referred to as the "internal-spigot" ferrule. (The metal ferrules used for bamboo fly rods are

Favorite (horrors) graphite rod

2021/3/13The graphite fly rods I like the best for fresh water are a discontinued series from Winston. Other graphite rods I like are often in lengths that are not ideal for bamboo and fiberglass. This morning I fished with the rod shown below. A great distance casting light line

Noob bamboo vs graphite question

2020/2/25Yes, bamboo rods are heavier than graphite pretty much no matter what length. In order to balance you will probably need a heavier reel or add weight to it. I have a rod with a Dickerson 7613 taper and it takes a little bit heavier reel to balance but once it did and I got my stroke right, bamboo is very fun to cast and catch fish on.

Handcrafted graphite and fiberglass fly rods: June 2014

2014/6/24I build fly rods mainly for the love of the craft. And of course it's nice to sell some. You will not get a well marketed fly rod (that you can find often these days) from me. It is just not my thing and never will be. What you will get instead is maybe the finest piece of

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