the α-fe2o3 graphite anode composites with enhanced


2020/11/9High-performance sulfur-composite cathode material, sulfur/polyacrylonitrile/ketjen black, was prepared by simple mixing and low-temperature heat treatment route. The cell made of the composite cathode and anode from metallic lithium or lithiated graphite was assembled in coin cell configuration. Half-cells retained about 70% of their initial capacity of 1,270 mAh g−1 after 150 cycles,

Fabrication and enhancement in photoconductive

We report a facile fabrication for the synthesis of graphene based α-Fe2O3 nanocomposites as anode material for photoelectrochemical water splitting. Zurck zum Zitat A. Kumar, P.G. Santangelo, N.S. Lewis, Electrolysis of water at strontium titanate (SrTiO 3


Nanobatteries are fabricated batteries employing technology at the nanoscale, particles that measure less than 100 nanometers or 10−7 meters.[2][3] These batteries may be nano in size or may use nanotechnology in a macro scale battery. Nanoscale batteries can be combined together to function as a macrobattery such as within a nanopore

The success story of graphite as a lithium

2020/5/7Remarkably, despite extensive research efforts on alternative anode materials, 19–25 graphite is still the dominant anode material in commercial LIBs. Even more remarkably in this regard maybe is the fact that there have been several review articles published in

(26) Graphite microspheres decorated with Si particles derived from waste solid of organosilane industry as high capacity anodes for Li-ion batteries, Journal of Power Sources, 2013, (27) Amorphous Silicon/Carbon nanospheres synthesized by chemical vapor deposition using cheap methyltrichlorosilane as improved anode materials for Li-ion batteries, Nanoscale, 2013,

Y Hao, QX Guo*, DZ He, JT Li*, SG Sun, Acid-induced crystallinity enhancement of graphite-like C3N3+xHy synthesized through a facile one-pot approach, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2017, 669: 22. 30. Y Hao, QX Guo*, DZ He, JT Li*, SG Sun, Structural characterization and electrochemical performance of macroporous graphite-like C3N3 prepared by the Wurtz reaction and heat treatment, RSC Adv. 2017,

positive heat flux: Topics by

2017/9/1The two-dimensional Stefan problem with slightly varying heat flux SciTech Connect Gammon, J.; Howarth, J.A. 1995-09-01 The authors solve the two-dimensional stefan problem of solidification in a half-space, where the heat flux at the wall is a slightly varying function of positioning along the wall, by means of a large Stefan number approximation (which turns out to be equivalent to a small

Fabrication and enhanced electrochemical performances of MoO /graphene composite as anode

Fabrication and enhanced electrochemical performances of MoO 3 /graphene composite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries Anjon Kumar Mondal*, Shuangqiang Chen, Dawei Su Hao Liu, Guoxiu Wang Centre for Clean Energy Technology, School of

Anode Materials for Lithium

2020/6/26A novel 2D porous print fabric-like α-Fe2O3 sheet with high performance as the anode material for lithium-ion battery. Electrochim. Acta. 2016;212:912-920. Zhou GM, Wang DW, Li F, Zhang LL, Li N, Wu ZS, et al. Graphene-wrapped Fe3O4 anode material with

How to improve the stability and rate performance of

At most of specific current density except of 20C, the reversible capacity of the Co 3 O 4 CPGC electrode is larger than the theoretical capacity of a commercial graphite anode (∼372 mA h/g). Reference Jia, Chen, Cui, Peng, Wang, Wang, Wei and Lu 89 Even at 20C, the average reversible capacity (345 mA h/g) is still very close to the theoretical capacity of graphite.

Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (IJCCE)

In this study, a composite of Cu, N co-doped TiO2SiO2 aerogel as a photocatalystnbsp;with enhanced optical absorption in the visible region as well as high specific surface area was synthesized by the sol-gel method and ambient pressure drying process

Effect of Hematite Doping with Aliovalent Impurities on the

2020/8/12The evaluation of the electrochemical behavior of these composites as anode materials for SIBs revealed a non-monotonic dependence of their specific capacity on the rGO content, with the best performance obtained for the composite α-Fe 2 O 3 rGO-30 −1) [].


2014/9/21Carbon-coated nano-Si dispersed oxides graphite composites as anode material for lithium ion batteries pattern of the sample, in which all peaks are in good agreement with α-Fe2O3 (JCPDS No. 89-8103, a=b=5.020, c=13.719). Figure 2b shows the XRD

One‐Step Hydrothermal Synthesis of 2D Hexagonal

2014/7/14The α‐Fe 2 O 3 /graphene composites showed significantly enhancement in the photocatalytic activity compared with the pure α‐Fe 2 O 3 nanoplates. At an optimal ratio of 5 wt% graphene, 98% of Rhodamine (RhB) is decomposed with 20 min of irradiation, and the rate constant of the composites is almost four times higher than that of pure α‐Fe 2 O 3 nanoplates.

China Carbon is developing new silicon graphene

2021/1/26China Carbon Graphite Group, Chinese manufacturer of graphene and graphite-based products, has announced that together with the research and development team of its subsidiary, Royal Elite New Energy Science and Technology (Roycarbon), the company is developing a new silicon graphene nanocomposite product for next-gen lithium-ion batteries.

The use of Fe3O4/Carbon composite fibers as anode

2017/12/28Most of the current commercial LIBs use graphite as an anode material due to its long cycle life, low working potential, and low cost. But the low theoretical capacity of graphite (372 mAhg-1) limits the effectiveness of graphite as a anode material compared to other active materials such as silicon, lithium metal, tin oxide, among other metal oxides. 1,2 Most carbonaceous materials used in

Coating Fe2O3 with graphene oxide for high

2016/10/1The phase and composition information on the as-prepared Fe 2 O 3 /GO composites and Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles were studied by powder XRD (Fig. 1A). The XRD pattern of the as-prepared Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles can be indexed to the hexagonal structure of α-Fe 2 O 3 with cell constants of a=5.036, b=5.036, c=13.749 (JCPDS no. 33-0664).

Synthesis of Fe2O3/reduced graphene oxide composite

2016/6/16(2017). Synthesis of Fe2O3/reduced graphene oxide composite anode materials with good cycle stability. Composite Interfaces: Vol. 24, Special Issue: 2016 Global Conference on Polymer and Composite Materials (PCM 2016), pp. 257-266.

crustal heat flux: Topics by

2017/6/1The forgotten component of sub-glacial heat flow: Upper crustal heat production and resultant total heat flux on the Antarctic Peninsula NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Burton-Johnson, Alex; Halpin, Jacqueline; Whittaker, Joanne; Watson, Sally 2017-04-01

Y Hao, QX Guo*, DZ He, JT Li*, SG Sun, Acid-induced crystallinity enhancement of graphite-like C3N3+xHy synthesized through a facile one-pot approach, Chem. Phys. Lett. 2017, 669: 22. 30. Y Hao, QX Guo*, DZ He, JT Li*, SG Sun, Structural characterization and electrochemical performance of macroporous graphite-like C3N3 prepared by the Wurtz reaction and heat treatment, RSC Adv. 2017,

Tuning of electronic and magnetic properties of

2019/7/16The composites also exhibit superparamagnetic features as observed from the M-H hysteresis loop with saturation magnetization of ≈0.1 emu/g at 1.8 K temperature. The results, in general, suggest possible applicability of r-GO/Fe 2 O 3 nanocomposites as an effective multifunctional platform for magnetic resonance imaging in biomedical applications.

Facile synthesis of Fe2O3graphite nanoparticle

2017/11/1Novel thin layer graphite encapsulated α-Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles were fabricated via a facile molecular self-assembly approach. This α-Fe 2 O 3 graphite composite, used as anode in LIBs, exhibited a stable specific capacity of 518.5 mAhg −1 at the current density of 1000 mAg −1 with 88.2% of retention up to 1000 cycles and delivered a reversible capacity of 374 mAhg −1 even at 5C rate.

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